Take Back UMBT

Elect Cori Eckman and Jason Albert for UMBT Supervisors!


Cori and Jason will listen to and represent UMBT residents.

Each vote for Cori Eckman and Jason Albert, is a vote for bettering our Twsp. Drain the swamp, vote out the corruption that has consumed UMBT! With John Bermingham and Dave Friedman, Cori Eckman and Jason Albert, we can make UMBT a better community! Please get out and vote! Remember this is not a political party issue, it's getting rid of the supervisors who don’t have the residents best interests at heart, only their own agenda!

Although I do not live in Upper Mount Bethel I do believe the surrounding areas politics have huge impacts on others in the slate belt.
I have also been a big supporter of Jason M Albert, for many years. I truly believe he is what’s needed for that area.

The residents of Upper Mount Bethel Township must stand up and be aware there is some real corruption going with the leaders of the township. People being hushed, people being threatened not to talk. It’s disgusting how people take positions to be leaders and we trust that they are doing good for the community. Pay attention folks!!

I am always going to support someone who wants to run as an Upper Mount Bethel Supervisor, who puts Upper Mount Bethel first and foremost without an underlying agenda. I see that with Cori and Jason. Cori and Jason love our township and want what is best for the people who live here. They both have been active in the community, they know the issues and they listen to the people.

Neither Cori or Jason have anything to gain by becoming supervisor, except the chance to make Upper Mount Bethel first again!

I would love to govern with Cori and Jason as supervisors, we could get things done that protect our township’s beauty, bring in only the types of businesses that would be sustainable and welcomed here and bring back true representation of what the people want.

Cori and Jason have my full support and if you want to take back control of our township, I ask you to support them in the May 16th primary and again in November for the general election! The time is now to Take Back Our Township and with Cori and Jason, WE THE PEOPLE, will be able to do that.

John Bermingham

Disclaimer: This post is the opinion of John Bermingham and only John Bermingham. It does not represent the opinion of the UMBT Board of Supervisors as a whole and is not claiming factual statements but merely that of opinion.

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