Meet Cori Eckman:

Cori opted to run for the position of Supervisor with the aim of restoring transparency to the residents. Throughout the past few years, she had attended numerous meetings and observed the exasperation etched on the faces of the residents while attempting to obtain answers. There are various concerns within the township that have a significant impact on many residents, and when they voice their opinions, they are frequently met with silence. It is unacceptable for residents to feel demoralized in the township they call home.

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The big issues

affecting the township, according to Cori
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Supervisor meetings

At present, during a meeting, you are permitted to speak for three minutes to make comments. However, despite posing questions, they often go unanswered, and reports are reviewed without any explanation provided to the residents. In the township we reside in, it is crucial for residents to receive both questions and answers. It is imperative that we stay informed about what is transpiring in our community.

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Numerous contracts are approved without prior communication to the residents. The trash contract is a prime example of this. It should never have been handled in the manner it was. Merely because we were informed that no one responded to an advertisement, the township was obligated to act in the best interests of the residents and reach out to collection services.

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Traffic has emerged as a major concern in our township due to the recent events in neighboring towns. To address this issue, we must conduct our own traffic impact study instead of relying on a developer's report. Additionally, we require a contingency plan for when incidents occur on Route 80, resulting in a complete halt of traffic on our roads and surrounding areas, making it impossible to enter or exit the town.

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