Meet Jason Albert:

Jason is running for Township Supervisor with the objective of restoring openness and transparency to the Township. He desires to connect with and understand the residents, listen to their concerns, and take appropriate action. Ignoring taxpayers' grievances is no longer an option. As a Township Supervisor, his primary responsibility is to safeguard taxpayers' funds and ensure their safety, health, and wellbeing. He has previously served on the UMBT Open Space Advisory for two terms, been a Bangor School Board Director for four years, and volunteered for over 20 years as a Bangor Fireman. He has extensive experience in serving the public and is determined to ensure that the Township adequately provides for all its residents.

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The big issues

affecting the township according to Jason
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Every resident has the right to know the current happenings in the Township, as they are the ones funding the daily operations. Unfortunately, these rights have been disregarded over the past few years. The Township Supervisors are not superior to the residents; they represent their interests at meetings and must align with the majority. Sadly, some members of the current Board are indifferent to the people who voted them into office. There are secretive meetings and discussions that have a significant impact on the public, but they are not held publicly. This practice must come to an end. Taxpayers should be able to ask questions and have their concerns addressed, instead of being ignored.

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Responsible Development

The future development of the Industrial Park is inevitable, and it is essential to ensure that it is developed responsibly without giving in to the developer's demands. This can be achieved by following the proper procedures, starting with planning, zoning, and voting by the BOS on the recommendation. Private meetings, backroom deals, and ignoring conflicts of interest should not be tolerated. The right channels must be followed. Currently, several light industries have complied with these guidelines and are operating successfully. It is imperative to ensure that the rest of the industries follow suit.

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Sewer and Water Authority

It is essential to consider who will benefit from the creation of a Sewer and Water Authority. The Authority is a separate entity from the Township, and only its board members are appointed by the Township. The generated money will not be deposited into the Township's account but rather into the Authority's account for the maintenance and repair of lines and a sewer plant that will only benefit the Industrial Park. If expansion is allowed, only a small portion of the Township will benefit. It is crucial to seek feedback from residents and third-party experts before making a decision. Rushing through this process, as certain members of the current BOS are attempting to do, is not advisable. A thorough examination is necessary and should take an adequate amount of time.

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